Psychological safety in an unstable market situation

Taking care of psychological safety is responsible leadership

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By Kalle Metsovuori, Consultant at HRS Advisors (Finland), PRAXI Alliance

An uncertain and rapidly shifting global economic situation is unfortunately a common feature of the world we live in, and prolonged instability can significantly impact an individual’s well-being, job satisfaction, and workplace commitment.

Employers need to consider new ways to protect their employees’ psychological safety to ensure that their organizations can thrive in challenging times. 

Why is psychological safety so crucial in the workplace?

Workplace psychological safety is more than just a buzzword. Employees’ mental wellbeing is a critical factor in the workplace that directly influences experience and performance. A mentally safe environment establishes the foundation so that employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions, making, and learning from mistakes, and actively contributing to their organization’s development. 

No employee is fully immune to anxiety and fear when faced with uncertainty. This includes the fear of losing a job, or an interruption in business continuity. Such emotions can impact their motivation, willingness to communicate openly about issues, and decrease a commitment to work. It is paramount that organizations foster psychological safety. 

How can organizations support their employees?

  • Openness and Information Sharing: Leaders should be open and honest about how the market situation impacts business. This helps reduce rumors and uncertainty, consequently lowering stress and anxiety among employees. 
  • Information Flow and Communication: Establish effective channels for information flow, and communication between management and employees. This may include regular meetings, informational sessions, and opportunities to ask questions. 
  • Training and Coaching: Provide employees with training and development opportunities to help them acquire new skills and adapt to changing circumstances. Such support can enhance employees’ self-confidence and motivation. 
  • Employee Engagement: Involve employees with lower levels of motivation in decision-making when opportune. Participation gives them a sense of ownership and a path for growth within the organization. 
  • Employee Well-being Programs: Offer resources and programs that promote resilience and well-being in the workplace. For instance, stress management courses, mindfulness practices, or psychological support can lead to positive performance benefits. 

Is Psychological Safety the foundation of organizational success?
Extraordinary or revolutionary measures aren’t a must, but much can be accomplished by merely reminding and reinforcing how to create a psychologically safe organization. Consistently performing the basics well help companies navigate financially and mentally challenging times. 

Supporting employees when faced with a challenge is not an act of charity; any initiative taken towards employee wellbeing is an investment in organizational success. Satisfied employees are more motivated, productive, and committed to their company, and this openness and creativity often plays a crucial role in business development and competitiveness.

Taking care of psychological safety is responsible leadership. From a recruitment perspective, a psychologically safe workplace naturally spreads a positive employer image, which is crucial in attracting top talent. Organizations prioritizing psychological wellbeing can establish a strong foundation for leadership success and help employees emerge from challenges. 


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